Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day weekend

Normally our Labor Day weekend consists of going to our boat all weekend. However, mother nature had other plans by down pouring on us everyday, we needed the rain but she really could have chosen a different time! We were kid free until Monday. So mostly this weekend consisted of a lot of this...

Lilly my relax on the couch baby buddy
Then finding my FAVORITE cute new little brunch spot!

Strawberry Cream cheese filled french toast, fresh squeezed OJ, for me...heaven & Mr had their Peach Sangria (so jealous) and salmon. YUM! 
 Then the Mr. showed me up in the kitchen making a delicious Chicken Parmesan dinner. I better watch out he may want my job soon, I most defiantly do not want his!

I guess I should add we didn't sit on our tails and eat all weekend, we did clear out the nursery and there were a few loads of laundry involved. 

Now we are off for pizza and a movie (Paranorman) with the girls. Happy Labor Day my friends!


  1. That brunch looks amazing! I've been craving stuffed french toast!

  2. your dog is absolutely precious! reminds me of my maverick (she's a bichon frise)-- when she's groomed that is! ;)

    brunch is my absolute favorite and of course i'm with you on how jealous i am of that peach sangria! ugh, giving up more than 1 cup of coffee is a pain as it is with pregnancy but taking away wine or sangria?! ha all worth it obviously but goodness, to be pregnant during the summer and not be able to refresh with that lol

    btw, i would love it if you participated in my virtual date for next week : xo