Saturday, September 8, 2012


I really hate cancer. It is such a nasty, nasty disease. Millions of people have cancer, know someone who has/had cancer, or even lost someone from it. My mom has been in the Oncology field practically my whole life so I have heard countless of stories and medical terms about cancer. When your close relative is in a particular field eventually you have some knowledge in that field. I'd like to think I have a little oncology there and a little aerospace engineering here with the Mr.  (even though I am horrible at math) I can tell you a little bit about the benefits of statistics and how to run machine shop or understand the diagnosis and process of some cancers.

Cancer has always been discussed in my home but has stayed distant enough where it hasn't really affected me, until now. My best friend was diagnosed (on Friday the 13th of all days)  with cancer, Multiple Myeloma (a form of blood cancer). He has a rough road ahead but everyone who knows him knows he is fighter and will win this battle as much as possible.

My grandfather was just diagnosed a few weeks back with cancer in his mouth. They were hoping that it would be an easy fix to just cut out, but the x-ray showed it is down to his bone. He is in his late 80s and has been slowly progressing with another ugly disease, dementia. I feel sorry for my grandma as  she is no spring chicken either so the family will really have to pull together and help out. The concern is how he will stay stable in the Hospital forgetting and fearful where he is, this just might push him over the edge.

There will be more testing, surgery among other things ahead for the both of them. I think about them all day everyday.

I didn't want to be a debbie downer in my blog but this is my life and trying to look at this in a positive light as much as possible. Cancer feels a lot more real to me than it ever has in the past. Say a little prayer or whatever you practice or send positive energy for them for the battle they have ahead, please?

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear :( I know there isn't much to say that can ease any worry, but I am and will definitely be praying for each of them!!