Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3/4 month favorites

Things are starting to get fun around here! Katelyn is starting to try and laugh out loud, focus A LOT more, grab things and even starting to try to put them in her mouth (uh-oh). She is drooling like a mad woman and always has her hands in her mouth. Still doesn't roll over, I think its because we don't do as much tummy time as we should, its hard for hubby and I to hear her fuss (guilty). Here are some of her favorite 3-4 month favorite items: 

1. Luxe Little Giraffe Blanket. SO SOFT a little bit of a splurge but this blanket is so awesome.

2. Lamaze touch and feel doll. It is so cute when she sees this doll she instantly smiles and grabs it.

3. Jungle gym mat. This gets her motor skills going and mommy and daddy some time to eat/get things done!

4. Sofia the giraffe. She loves to chew on this but can't quiet hold it there alone. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Seriously cannot imagine life without this little girl! What was my life before her?!

Friday, February 1, 2013

What the girls got this week

1. Mac BB cream ...LOVE! Don't have a lot of time to fool with makeup each morning so this is my new go to product. It looks like full coverage make up , moisturizes and spf all in one, must have. 

2. Janie & Jack bathing suit for bubbles, I DIED... look at the cap! Cannot wait to put it on her next weekend ! She is going on her first family trip to Indianapolis to the Childrens Museum and an indoor water park hotel, we're all so excited. 

3. The trips got a new toy/belongings storage from Ikea. We are putting it in the basement (finished) will be their area while Bubbles uses the living room toy box, the girls grew out of it (also not into toys 

Any new you /  family products you purchased recently?