Thursday, June 27, 2013

A very gross chore

Sooo one of the grossest things I've ever had to do happened to me this week and no it has nothing to do with kid poop. I would have preferred that. Several months ago our renters at our condo were down on their luck and fell into some hardship aka couldn't pay rent any longer. Being the nice folks we are we allowed them to pack up and get out without consequence. We made them do it rather quickly because we needed to start cleaning and finding new renters. They left a lot of stuff they couldn't take (nothing of value) and unfortunately their dog did a number on the carpets. So I was caught up in riding the items and getting the carpet replaced, the Mr. patching and painting, we both didn't check the fridge. Big mistake. BIG. When opened we were greeted with a HORRIBLE SMELL, mold , liquid food, ugh I can't go on without vomiting. Anyway, I was given the task to try to restore this gross sucker. Before and after shots:

Now how to rid the smell? Baking soda has been used, read about white vinegar, vanilla extract...even coffee beans. Any advice would be apprechiated. We may have to bite the bullet and by a new. Ever consider renting? Don't. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Losing my marbles

Today something happened that confirmed I've lost my damn mind. I went to the store bought my things and packed the van up. Realized I put the wine in the passangers seat instead of in the back with the other things...hmm ok whatever. Two lights down the road I go and panic sets in after I look on that said seat. Where is my purse?? Pulled over and checked everywhere, no luck. My phone, Id, credit cards, house keys and fresh atm cash (I never have cash) were all stowed away in that little purse. So I drive 100 fast and try to remember where I parked, see the cart boys and gun it. One cart boy is holding my purse starting to open it as I shout "Thank gosh, that is mine!" He hands it to me no questions asked, when I opened there was no phone! Shit! I ask him if he has a phone so I can call it, hands it over as well. As I call I feel my bra/dress strap viberating. Even better ? Cart boy texted me "You forgot your receipt" (which I didn't). You're welcome, feel free to laugh. Also laugh that apparently wine is my priority. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

7 months

7 months

Katelyn you are 7 months! Full of personality, we're loving it! You are a VERY , VERY alert baby, constantly scanning the room  nothing gets past you. I have a feeling that is going to be a problem when you out smart us soon, ha ;). you still have those two bottom teeth, SO  close to crawling and the worlds fastest baby "roller". You LOVE the water which is good since we are boaters, you flap your arms up and down when you see water, too cute! You also have a case of "mommyitis" as daddy puts it, please stay small I will miss these days, love you! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sun Saftey Kit

This could be possibly the best sun saftey kit Sephora has ever had! Not only is it a $210 value for $30 but $20 of it goes to skin cancer foundation! I also love trying out all of the products and the reusuable cosmetic bag. I have already found some favorites compared to others so I will be shopping very soon. I think I am sunscreen obsessed especially on the face, protect the truth peeps! What is your favorite sun product? Mine is the peter thomas roth  BB cream (in the kit)  it has sunscreen and gives you a flawless finish, I have tried others and the texture is my favorite, and oh for the babe? Baby Ganics sunscreen & Bug spray, a safe organic spray with natural products, a must. I love all of their products for the baby actually!

Monday, June 10, 2013

15 Things you may or may not know

Soooo...I have tons of post planned full of pictures and family shenanigans because we have been one BUSY crew since the trips have been out of school BUT right after I loaded my pics on my Mac it died and so did the battery SINCE this lady doesn't have time to drive 50 min to Apple to get a new I had to order. The bad boy is in the mail (in China ...I checked) supposed to be here on Wednesday. In the mean time I will do a useless 15 things about me, you can play along if your heart desires. 

1. I keep bug spray and bite relief on me at all times in the summer ..HATE bug bites ( I am not a good camper).
2. I make a MEAN meatloaf, ask the Mr. I think he told me he loved me while eating it the first time.
3. I cannot stand ANY spicy food.
4. My favorite wine is a good glass of pinto grigio, but anything will do (unless too sweet I cannot deal).
5. After a few rum runners the Mr. and I may or may not have partially participated in a nude West Indies beach. 
6. I feel happiest on a boat with family.
7. I used to be a cheap date (bud light girl) the Mr. ruined years ago by being snobby about his beer and wine. 
8. To me, the BEST thing in the world watching your child experience NEW small things, it really is the small things as they say. 
9. Most of the time while the Mr. and I are winding down while the kids are in bed I am playing/checking my phone (those days are over when I could anytime), I think it annoys him, meh.
10. I cannot sleep well when my kitchen is messy and I need my sleep so it is always clean-ish by the end of the night. 
11. When I get the chance (Mr watches baby) I can still sleep till 10, I AM NOT a morning person, I cannot fall asleep early either unless I am sick, even when the baby was colicky and I was a zombie, pretty ridiculous actually. 
12. I have watched someone die by being hit by a car, worst night ever. 
13. I can have a hard time of showing emotion. 
14. I have been told I am fearless.
15. My husband is my very best friend, but the best friends whom I have been close to the longest are the loyal ones. Loyalty means everything to me.