Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Losing my marbles

Today something happened that confirmed I've lost my damn mind. I went to the store bought my things and packed the van up. Realized I put the wine in the passangers seat instead of in the back with the other things...hmm ok whatever. Two lights down the road I go and panic sets in after I look on that said seat. Where is my purse?? Pulled over and checked everywhere, no luck. My phone, Id, credit cards, house keys and fresh atm cash (I never have cash) were all stowed away in that little purse. So I drive 100 fast and try to remember where I parked, see the cart boys and gun it. One cart boy is holding my purse starting to open it as I shout "Thank gosh, that is mine!" He hands it to me no questions asked, when I opened there was no phone! Shit! I ask him if he has a phone so I can call it, hands it over as well. As I call I feel my bra/dress strap viberating. Even better ? Cart boy texted me "You forgot your receipt" (which I didn't). You're welcome, feel free to laugh. Also laugh that apparently wine is my priority. 

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