Thursday, April 25, 2013

6 months

Katelyn Reene how? How did we get here this quick my love?! 

Already six months! Milestones, so many coming so fast, Momma tries hard to keep up with them. You east solids 3 times a day very well, thank you. You have cut a tooth! A sharp tooth! You are now called "the little biter" by Daddy (king of nicknames). You roll over like a champ now and can roll across the room in no time. You love to sing and scream, beautiful sweet music to Momma's ears. I am tying so hard to get you to say Momma before Dadda, probably wont happen but one can dream. I love you so much and am so excited for whats to come, just slow down my baby

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photo Dump plus

I was reading a mommy blog yesterday and her daughter is 6 months (same as little diva) and she mentioned "aint nobody got time for that!" Not just blogging but everything in general. Which pretty much sums up my life and I have been saying the same thing jokingly for the past few weeks. So here is what we have been up to via Iphone dump because "ain't nobody got time for that" (long written blog post) which mostly involves the Mr. birthday month celebrations.

The Mr. recovering from his surprise party with a little hair of the dog. BTW I love Sunday back porch napping, sipping, grilling..pretty much everything.

German fun food with our cousins. 

Daddy is the best griller ever (not sure the awkward face on the bottom left its her per usual)

Mr. birthday continues and people sure know him, boats & scotch ? Yep.

Ordering adorable hair bows from my sweet friend and fellow blogger, look at the cute package...can't take it! If you have a little girl its a MUST. Check her out! 

Daddy loving on his lucky girls! He is truly the best father I LOVE him!

In laws in for the Mr. birthday <#

Little Diva texting daddy 

Park & Sun 


Mortons Steak, YUM, bone in Chicago the best.

The birthday month comes to a close (with a BANG) this weekend as the Mr and I head to Atlanta sans baby (YIKES I AM FREAKING JUST A TAD). So excited to visit our sorely missed friends who moved there last year. Apparently they have a condo in the swanky Buckhead district, going to party just a tad. Thank gosh for face time, I will probably attack my little love on Monday, I know I am crazy for leaving her but got to do it sometime and its the Mr. 40th so why not now?

Friday, April 19, 2013

New lashes

I got lash extensions yesterday and I LOVE, the Mr. approves also. I admit I can't stop looking at them plus I don't have to wear mascara (bonus for a mom on the go). I have to go back for fill ins every 3-4 weeks which isn't bad and one of the best parts? She works at my club so the baby can stay in the nursery while I get them done! 

It's important to do things for yourself when you are a mom, especially a SAHM, when your free time is very limited. It's so easy to forget what day it is and to wear the same yoga pants 3-4 times a week but dress your darling princess to the nines. So moms go do something for yourself!

To a great Long Lashing Weekend! (cheesey I know)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When the Cat's (Mr.) away...

The mouse (Mrs.) will play (ish). Especially after the baby is in bed.

Cab in bed, laptop, and blog reading. Hey he is in FL right now drinking with customers, I'm here drinking with ya'll, cheers!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


All week I have been dying to write about the Mr.'s 40th birthday plans!

I threw him a surprise birthday party at the Morelin Lager house (downtown Cincinnati) booked a room with 20 of his closest friends and let me tell you I GOT HIM!

When we talked about his 40th birthday he mentioned that he wanted to celebrate with the friends, family and just us. He has never had a "surprise party"... so why not? I told him that we would have a house party on the 27th and this weekend we would do dinner, just the two of us, his friends played along and made it possible as well. When we went to dinner they took us up the stairs to the private room (where they put the curtains down). The view was awesome! Right next to the Great American Ball Park (reds stadium) His face was priceless, so shocked!

Also, instead of the "house party" we are going to Atlanta in two weeks for a long weekend to visit our sorely missed friends who recently moved there. They have a very swanky condo around where the action is, it will be nice to see them and get away for a bit. Still not sure how I am going to be away from the baby for 3 days, but I will survive. I booked the tickets a month ago and told him after the party, he said I was a great wifey ...score!

Some pictures of the weekend..

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Am I...

The only person on Earth who gets her carpets cleaned 10x a year? I blame a lazy peekapoo , triplets and a clumsy Mr. I'm perfect obviously( insert evil grin). Oh & yes I am working outside with Capri yoga pants. I think tomorrow I'll lay out because I'm looking a little pasty white, little diva can feel free to take a nice long nap. So happy spring has sprung!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Gorgeous weekend

We had a beautiful weekend around these parts! The weather *finally* realized it was Spring and gave us two nice days. The girls went to Florida with their mom for Spring Break so we said our goodbyes on Friday with family game night then it was just the three of us. 

Saturday we went to  club to work out, run errands took baby for a stroll then to kick of the Mr.'s birthday month (lots to come) we late lunch at the pub ...outside! 

That evening we had a close friend over to grill steaks and drink some Pinto, she hasn't met the lil diva yet so it was time. We even ended up in the hot tub after diva went to bed! Fun night.

Sunday was so great the weather was perfect again and we took Katelyn to the park to swing for the first time and she *loved* it I think it is time to buy a swing under the deck!

Does anyone watch Shameless? The season finale was yesterday not sure how I felt about it, but onto better things Game of Thrones...loving it! Was really sad to see this weekend go, so excited to be outdoors again!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Five months

Five months! Where is the time going? You are getting so big. Everyone tells me you look at least six months because of how tall you are getting. There has been SO many milestones this month. You have rolled over, blow raspberries, and started eating vegetables. You are such a joy little diva!

Little diva and I have came to the point where we are no longer going breast feed. It is sad in a way. I really enjoyed the bonding and being able to feed my baby with my body, such a great experience. Honestly she is doing really great with it. The only time she really wants to nurse is when she is fighting sleep. Sometimes I give in (normally when daddy isn't home to take a turn at soothing). We are now trying a consistent schedule, but who are we kidding, this baby rules the house! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend

Easter Easter yet! Not only because little diva was here dressed to the nines in her adorable bonnet, but we had the girls this year with her as well. We colored the eggs on Thursday and the bunny came early on Saturday. He left nice treats, toys and even the man a basket. Then we were off to my aunts annual Easter egg hunt, bunny included. We lucked out weather wise (as you know if you are in the north we have been having a MAJOR long winter, it even snowed today), it was very sunny and the kids had a fun time. Collage of pictures below.