Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photo Dump plus

I was reading a mommy blog yesterday and her daughter is 6 months (same as little diva) and she mentioned "aint nobody got time for that!" Not just blogging but everything in general. Which pretty much sums up my life and I have been saying the same thing jokingly for the past few weeks. So here is what we have been up to via Iphone dump because "ain't nobody got time for that" (long written blog post) which mostly involves the Mr. birthday month celebrations.

The Mr. recovering from his surprise party with a little hair of the dog. BTW I love Sunday back porch napping, sipping, grilling..pretty much everything.

German fun food with our cousins. 

Daddy is the best griller ever (not sure the awkward face on the bottom left its her per usual)

Mr. birthday continues and people sure know him, boats & scotch ? Yep.

Ordering adorable hair bows from my sweet friend and fellow blogger, look at the cute package...can't take it! If you have a little girl its a MUST. Check her out! 

Daddy loving on his lucky girls! He is truly the best father I LOVE him!

In laws in for the Mr. birthday <#

Little Diva texting daddy 

Park & Sun 


Mortons Steak, YUM, bone in Chicago the best.

The birthday month comes to a close (with a BANG) this weekend as the Mr and I head to Atlanta sans baby (YIKES I AM FREAKING JUST A TAD). So excited to visit our sorely missed friends who moved there last year. Apparently they have a condo in the swanky Buckhead district, going to party just a tad. Thank gosh for face time, I will probably attack my little love on Monday, I know I am crazy for leaving her but got to do it sometime and its the Mr. 40th so why not now?

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  1. Good for you! We're actually planning our first baby-less trip to Atlanta soon too. Have fun!