Monday, September 24, 2012

Scarf Swap 2012

I participated in the 2012 annual scarf swap over at The Tichenor Family . I got paired with a super awesome girl Neely, who has an incredible (impressive) blog A Complete Waste of Makeup , you may have heard of it ;) if not check it out!

I love the scarf because I can pair it with a lot of my wardrobe and it came just in time, we have been seeing low 60s to 50s at night so it is perfect! Thank you again Neely!

Also, package contained more than just a scarf, she added some fall goodies in there as well. L o v e . The package included the scarf, some smell goods, Essie nail polish and lip balm which I can never have enough of, since pregnancy my lips are pretty much chapped 24/7. Oh and chocolate! Which was a nice touch & opps probably ate it immediately, pregnant women and chocolate have a serious tight relationship.

This was a lot of fun loved my goods & I met an awesome girl out of it! Swaps... totally recommend them.


  1. So glad you loved your goodies :)

  2. I probably have TOO close of a relationship with chocolate. Ha! Cute scarf!

  3. Thank you so much for participating this year! Love that scarf and love the extra treats you got too! :)

  4. Loved being a part of the swap this year. Your blog is so cute, following!