Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to the Basics

Hello Blog world, it has been a long time. I am ready for a fresh new place to call my own. I have been reading some awesome new blogs that have inspired me and mostly because I am 30 weeks pregnant with my first biological little diva. I'd like to capture her story of entering this world, pictures and hopefully sweet little memories my family makes for years to come (yes I am that mom)! My blog will mostly be about lifestyle, kids, and family.

I won't lie I'm not a great blogger. Maybe with age this has changed. Even though I have dabbed at blogging for years and years, made friends (some very close friends) I never felt completely inspired. I guess getting bored easily and commitment can be issues for me (don't tell my husband, totally joking babe love you). Now that I am settled down at 28, married, step mother of triplets (will get into that later), baby on the way, and a stay at home mom (for now former Paralegal and college graduate) I think I have a lot of inspiration to give this a go. I also have been nesting my little heart out which is impressing family and myself with some hidden domesticated skills.

A little background. I am 28 years old and my husband and I have been together for 5 years married for almost one, September 24th is our anniversary. I am still completely in love with him! Marriage has changed nothing, if anything it has brought us closer together. Our marriage is by no means perfect, I don't believe those exist we know marriage takes work and sacrifices. We have triplet 7 year old daughters. From the Mr.'s prior marriage, I became a young instant mom (notice their age and how long we have been together...and yes I went through the diapering years which has got to count for something) We co parent them jointly with their mother (which I plan to keep that part of the story and his past marriage private).When I am with the trips sometimes in public I love the comments "Oh no way you birthed triplets?!" Sometimes when I'm feeling hysterical or if the comment was said at an inappropriate time with envy, I say yes. Especially a few years ago when I was a few size smaller and a little less aged!

We now are expecting our new little bundle of diva love October 27. We didn't waste anytime, we already have children and we'd like to retire at a decent age while we can still move our joints, ya know? We knew all along this baby was a girl, why would it be any other way? I am so in love with her already and just cannot wait to meet her. We are pretty much an all girl family who have been called high maintenance at times minus the Mr. dude who comes home from work at night because he is a dude, didn't say he's not high maintenance. God save my husband please... four girls, a wife and a female dog (my other baby) and cat. A serious man cave is in order at the next house (as long as we get plenty of female space). God save us all when the trips are teenagers. Any advice is welcomed. I know that a ridiculous amount of space and bathrooms are in need for our next house.

If you are a past J-land blogger or a blogger in general please leave your blog address in the comments. I would love to reconnect and connect to people with similar lives and interest.

Now if I could just hire an editor and designer for this blog that would be great (did I mention that I can be high maintenance)!? Totally joking, I will have to do that job for now as this little diva in the bun has a lot of items that need purchasing for!



  1. Ahh, so good to see you back and writing. Always loved your blogs! This one should be great, with so much going on! I can't wait to see more! LY

  2. Thank you so much for being my newest blog follower -- I'm now following you! Also, you were my 500th follower, so I gave you a little blog shout out today :)

  3. Just came over from A. Liz. Congrats on your little girl, 4 girls running around the house sure is going to be a lot of diva-tude! I have two boys, so around here, just a lot of dirt :) Good luck getting back into blogging, I am sure you will find lots of inpiration with baby on the way!

  4. I saw you on A. Liz Adventures and had to check you out! Congrats on your little diva on the way. You are almost there, I bet you are over the moon! Now following along as well :)