Friday, September 28, 2012

My long week

My week has been pretty full and I cannot believe it is already Friday! So many things have happened I am just going to unload it all in one post.

Triplet news Last Friday the girls had a successful birthday party at our house. There were a total of 13 screaming girls here ages 4-12! We set up the basement as a semi dance floor strobe lights and all. When the Mr. went down there he may or may not have been tackled/kicked/trampled on. We also set up a fire pit and ended the night with a little Barbie Pop star, which has been labeled "a morning movie before mommy and daddy get up" we did our duty watching it once. Whatever happened to watching the disney classics over and over again?

Sunday we went to their favorite Habachi grill to celebrate with just family. We wanted to give the girls a special "birthday weekend" since the little one is making her debut soon she will be a little demanding to say the least!

In little diva news nesting is under way in full force. All of her cloths have been washed, bags for the hospital mostly packed, besides items I ordered or last minute stuff that will be thrown in. I have been organizing everything to make more room for her in the closets, drawers, kitchen etc. I also really need to get the trips an organization station built in the basement for them to put their pricey stuff up so the baby's stuff and theirs aren't combined.

We had a scare. Last night after the trips did their homework and went to play I took more time to nest (of course). I thought it was a good idea to carry multiple heavy bags down the steps. Wrong. At around the fourth step to the bottom I fell forwarded to the floor on my knees, heavy bags intact.....Never have fallen this way before, glad I did. No stomach trauma, but did fall with a pretty good force. I felt her pretty much right after but still didn't want to risk anything damaging so I called. The crappy part was that I had the trips to myself because the Mr. was at work late and I couldn't get ahold of him. The Dr. wanted me to come in and get hooked up to the monitor. So off we all went. They brought their new Nabi toys and were pretty well behaved as usual. Finally, got ahold of the Mr. and like lightening speed he was there, in a hot suit and all (accepted an award that night). Baby was 100% OK. I stayed hooked up for an hour and half heard her heart beat and her famous hiccups on the monitor, it was peaceful in a way after the family left (by my demand and against his will to put the trips to bed after Dr pretty much cleared me), just baby and I. My Dr. said he is going to put the brakes on me if I don't try to take it easy! I am so thankful everything is ok and will be extra careful from here on out.

For the anniversary we had year old wedding cake which actually wasn't bad. For the Mr.'s gift I fully stocked his bar and worked on his "man cave" in the basement. I bought Johnnie blue label which  is a very expensive scotch & wow, his eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store! Not a typical gift I would give, a bunch of booze but I figured with another diva almost here he deserved an upgrade to his man cave. He is having the guys over Saturday to watch football, play ps2 games and shoot pool so I thought it was the perfect time to work on it. I will be hiding the scotch though, that is to be pulled out by him for special occasions! 

Lilly trying to steal cake

I also wanted to get my fall decor out of the way this week because who knows what could happen as far as labor and I need the rest of the time to get her things in order. So I ask you decor gurus, do you decorate for Halloween and Fall together? Decorate for Halloween first then fall in November? Or what?! This year I'd like to get it all out since October is pretty much shot with baby and recovery. Here is what I have thus far.

& Yes I am OCD and had already switched the monogram pumpkin around twice in these pictures.

Happy Friday friends! Tonight Mr. and I are going to a fancy pants restaurant for our anniversary. This weekend mom and I are headed up to Buy Buy baby to finish up what I still need and Sunday will be snuggling up and watching football, and Once upon a Time premiere just taking it easy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

35 weeks

Here is my 35 week Bump update. Missed last week 34, as it was a crazy!

How far along? 35 weeks   
Weight gain? 18 lbs, Dr appointment last Tuesday said I didn't gain any in 2 weeks. I can't eat big portions or late (due to reflux). It really is painful when I feel full. Not to mention how high little diva is!
Maternity clothes? YES
Stretch marks? NO
Sleep:  Strange. Burst of energy at weird hours. Been going to sleep around midnight wake up to pee 3-4 am and then I am wide awake until well after the Mr. leaves. I try to nap but those days are limited Nesting and the body's preparation is under way!
Best moment this week:  Feeling little divas FOOT toes and all! I melted and wanted to hold her so bad!
Miss Anything? comfort 
Movement: Lots of limbs and hiccups, she has them as I am typing this (serious!)
Food cravings:  Donuts and French toast the norm, I saw some pumpkin beer and it looked delish as well. So I hid some from the Mr. so I could indulge after birth. If he found my stash he'd slowly drink it all! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Red meat 
Gender: GIRL 
Labor Signs: No, just the Braxton hicks 
Symptoms:  Acid Reflux, pinched nerve, sore back, restless leg
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Just feeling a little overwhelmed to get everything organized before she comes in 4 weeks. 
Looking forward to: Meeting my daughter soooo much ahh!

Monday, September 24, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

A year ago today September 24, the Mr. and I became husband and wife! It was the happiest day of my life, making it official becoming a wife and mom to three wonderful children and the best man a girl could ask for. Nothing could spoil the day, not even deciding to go with Plan "B" (rain left the ground wet/muddy so we got married indoors instead of by the parents lake).

I was so happy to become Mrs. Easton, marry my husband and experience the day with our close friends and family. Nothing paints a story like pictures so here are a few from our beautiful day.

Jetted off to St. Maarten for our Honeymoon

And now?

(maternity shoot sneak peek)

Here we are a year later. Ready to welcome our daughter to the family, in just a month, made out of love. WOW, life is beautiful!

Scarf Swap 2012

I participated in the 2012 annual scarf swap over at The Tichenor Family . I got paired with a super awesome girl Neely, who has an incredible (impressive) blog A Complete Waste of Makeup , you may have heard of it ;) if not check it out!

I love the scarf because I can pair it with a lot of my wardrobe and it came just in time, we have been seeing low 60s to 50s at night so it is perfect! Thank you again Neely!

Also, package contained more than just a scarf, she added some fall goodies in there as well. L o v e . The package included the scarf, some smell goods, Essie nail polish and lip balm which I can never have enough of, since pregnancy my lips are pretty much chapped 24/7. Oh and chocolate! Which was a nice touch & opps probably ate it immediately, pregnant women and chocolate have a serious tight relationship.

This was a lot of fun loved my goods & I met an awesome girl out of it! Swaps... totally recommend them.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I believe in

Linking up with Erin for a new link up "I believe in" 

I believe in loving your spouse unconditionally (considering) and making it know, especially showing your children your love and bond of marriage daily, you are setting the stage for them later in life.

I believe in including your children in some of your favorite things such as Starbucks.

I believe in keeping politics and religious preferences private except for the peers you may have that affiliation with. Don't preach the choir to me, only going to make me think you're ...I believe I should stop this sentence. 

I believe in peanut butter and having it on your nightstand at all times during pregnancy.

I believe in teaching your children to respect others, especially elders and not to interrupt unless it is an emergency. 

I believe in all Apple products and my iPhone being a part of my body, sorry not sorry. 

I believe in sometimes procrastinating all afternoon because your dog wants to snuggle. 

I believe in using good skincare products and I believe in entering my GIVEAWAY

I believe in if you need to argue, argue with your spouse or said person in private, one on one. If it needs to be settled right then excuse yourselves and handle it, no matter the place or time. 

I believe in putting mums and pumpkins on your porch for fall. 

I believe in visiting the Caribbean many times specifically St. Maarten, sunbathing topless and having rum runners. Fortunately, I am no Kate Middleton so you will not be seeing my twins unless you are at said beach at said time (poor Kate!).

I believe in owning one or more designer purses and shoes, with a bunch of cute cheapies in the mix.

I believe in speaking with or at least texting your mother daily, got that my future four older daughters?!

I believe in spoiling your little girl to be with many a few pricy cloths and calling her little diva. 

I believe in not talking about your labor in deets on Facebook. None is interested in picturing your lady bits and how far dilated she is. Just show the end result (the baby). Oh and your relationship, child support, baby daddy/momma drama, negative nancy daily, work politics when your boss is your friend, constantly trying to sell, religion, politics.....stopping while I'm ahead. 

Finally, I believe in having cake all week on birthday week. This is cake number 3, 3 more to go. Got to run, there is more cake to buy.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

To-do crazy stupid

My to-do list this week is crazy stupid. Which is making me crazy stupid....literally. Yesterday I went to the mall to run the endless errands I have and I forgot where I parked. After about a half hour of speed walking around the entire mall I finally found it, where I originally walked out. Instead of going to the right I went to the left, which made me late to get the girls. Baby diva was not happy! I started to have cramping and braxton hicks contractions, which have been going on for about a week. My Dr. assured me this late in the game they are completely normal.

All of the things we have to do are fun but its the prep work that is getting to me! Here is just a bit...

The triplets turn 8 this week so we are throwing them a birthday party to celebrate on Friday. Dancing and (since we are promised fall like weather) a fire pit and smore roasting are on the agenda. We have around 10 girls attending. So of course things need to be bought, house in order etc. my cousin promises to come over and be a life saver to help.

A Wedding? Why not. We will be attending one of the Mr. co-workers wedding on Saturday.  Friend's birthday party the same day? Sure! It's an early wedding (reception starts at 4:30) so we are swinging by a 40th celebration after. Baby shower? You betcha!! Sunday I will be going to the baby shower of a close friend's wife. Then to conclude why not throw in the family's (grandparents) celebration for the girls birthday on Sunday night at a hibachi grill! Oh and Monday? The Mr and I will be celebrating our first year of marriage. His gift is on the back burner (sorry!) we plan on celebrating next Friday anyway, but there will be year old cake!

You see that is why my week's to-do list is crazy stupid.

 Ok my list is calling. If I suddenly disappear I may have went into labor or the looney bin. Good thing I am an OCD list maker and have major energy from my urge to nest, yet nothing this week falls in the baby prep category (all next week baby I promise) otherwise this week would be for the birds!

BTW girl's picture day was today, so we woke at 6 am to shower all three and blow dry hair etc. which is normally done the night before.   They looked so beautiful and grown up... ack! I leave you with the end result:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Some of my favorite products

I thought I would do a fun post (and non pregnancy) of some products. I love reading other blogs favorite product reviews because I am always down to try new things!

Here are just 5 I had to narrow it down and pick a number because this list could seriously become way too long! I think I will do this once a month as there are so many. This month I am going to focus on face/skincare products because protecting and keeping my face clean (skincare in general) is something I am passionate about. I think becoming an esthetician one day would be awesome, maybe after baby diva hits school...... ::tears:: can't think/speak/write about that ever again she's not allowed to grow up!

B. Kamins skin care line, all of it.  A spa I go to when I visit the in-laws in Palm Beach introduced me to their line and I haven't looked back! You see, I used to be known as the skincare hoarder I would buy and try many new skin care products before I was out of the previous bottles because there was nothing that I fell in love with. Skincare hoarding obsession can get pretty pricey! I feel like this line has the best chemistry in their skincare products more than any I have ever tried, it does exactly what its intended to do nothing more nothing less. They are technically called "B Kamins laboratories" the products are made in a pharmaceutical environment along with prescription medicine. They have a ton of anti-aging products even for menopause which is something specific I have not seen. You most likely will not find them in the stores so ordering online is best.

 I especially love the cleanser since that was a hard one for me to find and it is a daily necessity. They have all different types of cleansers for skin types, which is very important to know what type you have so your not using the wrong type and making your skin worse. I am more combination/dry. I used to be combination/oily but at around 25 I finally started to dry up a bit from the pubescent era of life.

I am loving their Vegetable cleanser. Why? Because it acts as a make up remover along with a gentle cleanser. Two in one? Bonus! Not only does it save money from having to buy two products but putting less on your face and not mixing multiple products is best. My face feels fresh and clean with this product and has never broken out from it.  I also use their Gycolic 10 twice a week on my face and neck for cell rejuvenation, diminish acne scars, anti aging (notice the multi purpose theme going on?) and their eye cream because mama has been having serious bags since pregnancy! Once I am out of my moisturizer I am going to order theirs, I plan to to slowly switch out all my skin care products and go completely B Kamins. If I could do cartwheels and back flips right now to show my love for them I would!

Have you heard of the Clarisonic? Oh its only the best and safest product to exfoliate your skin! I use this 2-3 times a week with my Vegetable cleanser (they make their own also). I wouldn't use this everyday because too much exfoliating can actually damage/speed up and age your skin. Using the Clarisonic once or twice a week or if you've had a very heavy make up day, is perfect. This is really worth the investment or a good present request! Make sure you change out your brushes and I recommend keeping it in the shower so you remember to use it.

  I love my Mac prep and prime! I use this everyday before I use my foundation or tinted moisturizer. It looks small for the price but you seriously only use a little dot each time, so it last for a long time. I love how high the SPF is in it (50) and that it is also a primer to keep your makeup on. Sometimes high SPF products are too greasy or thick for me and this is not. I am anti sun on my face because I do not want to look like a leathery elephant at 35-40.  I do not care if I stay white in the face and tan below, that is why they make all kinds of different foundation/powder colors ;) . I am one color in the Summer and one in the winter not hard or expensive to change up and healthy for my skin.  I will say if you are getting professional photos done skip the SPF on the face and use just a basic primer because it can cause a greasy effect, regular camera and phone pictures are fine but high dollar professional cameras can pick it up. 

Boscia BB cream

BB cream once again a multi purpose product! This is described as an "oil free, skin perfecting, Blemish Balm, that creates a flawless finish as it moisturizes and nourishes the skin". My friends at Sephora (which I worked at during college) were anticipating this product for so long. It is know as the "miracle cream" and was widely used over in Asia. I wanted to know what the fuss was all about so I got a sample and immediately bought! You can use it as your moisturizer, SPF, and foundation if you want to be light for the day (because it truly evens out your skin tone) I love using this on busy mornings running errands, dropping off kids, meeting contractors etc. none important days. After I apply this my skin looks good and is protected without the use of heavy harsher products. Love it!

Splendid Dirt nutrient rich face mud mask PUMPKIN Puree

For the sake of fall I've got to trow my pumpkin mask in here. I bought this at my hair salon over the summer and love it, looks like its available online also. It smells so good, especially now that is fall. I use it once a week or every other in the bubble bath and just chill out. Everyone needs a good mud mask! It "de-gunks" and deep cleans your pores (no need to deep clean everyday just use a gentle daily cleanser) it is also good to even out skin tone, for broken capillaries, circulation, breakouts, and more "just won't do laundry" (love that). It tingles at first but then it drys up and you are ready to wash it off, I honestly like the tingle because I feel like it is actually doing something.

There you have it five of some of my favorite products.

 Shoot me an email or comment if you have any skincare questions, I would be glad to try to help as this is really something I love. Stay tuned for more products next month.