Friday, September 28, 2012

My long week

My week has been pretty full and I cannot believe it is already Friday! So many things have happened I am just going to unload it all in one post.

Triplet news Last Friday the girls had a successful birthday party at our house. There were a total of 13 screaming girls here ages 4-12! We set up the basement as a semi dance floor strobe lights and all. When the Mr. went down there he may or may not have been tackled/kicked/trampled on. We also set up a fire pit and ended the night with a little Barbie Pop star, which has been labeled "a morning movie before mommy and daddy get up" we did our duty watching it once. Whatever happened to watching the disney classics over and over again?

Sunday we went to their favorite Habachi grill to celebrate with just family. We wanted to give the girls a special "birthday weekend" since the little one is making her debut soon she will be a little demanding to say the least!

In little diva news nesting is under way in full force. All of her cloths have been washed, bags for the hospital mostly packed, besides items I ordered or last minute stuff that will be thrown in. I have been organizing everything to make more room for her in the closets, drawers, kitchen etc. I also really need to get the trips an organization station built in the basement for them to put their pricey stuff up so the baby's stuff and theirs aren't combined.

We had a scare. Last night after the trips did their homework and went to play I took more time to nest (of course). I thought it was a good idea to carry multiple heavy bags down the steps. Wrong. At around the fourth step to the bottom I fell forwarded to the floor on my knees, heavy bags intact.....Never have fallen this way before, glad I did. No stomach trauma, but did fall with a pretty good force. I felt her pretty much right after but still didn't want to risk anything damaging so I called. The crappy part was that I had the trips to myself because the Mr. was at work late and I couldn't get ahold of him. The Dr. wanted me to come in and get hooked up to the monitor. So off we all went. They brought their new Nabi toys and were pretty well behaved as usual. Finally, got ahold of the Mr. and like lightening speed he was there, in a hot suit and all (accepted an award that night). Baby was 100% OK. I stayed hooked up for an hour and half heard her heart beat and her famous hiccups on the monitor, it was peaceful in a way after the family left (by my demand and against his will to put the trips to bed after Dr pretty much cleared me), just baby and I. My Dr. said he is going to put the brakes on me if I don't try to take it easy! I am so thankful everything is ok and will be extra careful from here on out.

For the anniversary we had year old wedding cake which actually wasn't bad. For the Mr.'s gift I fully stocked his bar and worked on his "man cave" in the basement. I bought Johnnie blue label which  is a very expensive scotch & wow, his eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store! Not a typical gift I would give, a bunch of booze but I figured with another diva almost here he deserved an upgrade to his man cave. He is having the guys over Saturday to watch football, play ps2 games and shoot pool so I thought it was the perfect time to work on it. I will be hiding the scotch though, that is to be pulled out by him for special occasions! 

Lilly trying to steal cake

I also wanted to get my fall decor out of the way this week because who knows what could happen as far as labor and I need the rest of the time to get her things in order. So I ask you decor gurus, do you decorate for Halloween and Fall together? Decorate for Halloween first then fall in November? Or what?! This year I'd like to get it all out since October is pretty much shot with baby and recovery. Here is what I have thus far.

& Yes I am OCD and had already switched the monogram pumpkin around twice in these pictures.

Happy Friday friends! Tonight Mr. and I are going to a fancy pants restaurant for our anniversary. This weekend mom and I are headed up to Buy Buy baby to finish up what I still need and Sunday will be snuggling up and watching football, and Once upon a Time premiere just taking it easy!


  1. A lot going on! So glad you and the baby are okay! That's scary!
    I'm putting out my Fall decor this weekend. I bought Halloween stuff for the first time last year and I plan to put it out the week of Halloween but not the whole time.
    It's just not me.

  2. Love the "E" pumpkins that you have!

  3. Take time to rest now so you won't be exhausted when she gets here!

  4. I wish I could accomplished so much in a week!! I'm glad you and your baby diva are ok!!!