Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh Baby, Thursday

My 32/33 week OB appointment is today and I am hoping I get one more ultra sound :)

and then mom and I are off to

Have you heard of it? Only the best baby retailer around! I seriously could spend hours  in this store! I really cannot stand its competitor, the evil baby store that I shall leave unnamed.

Remember when I said that my nursery furniture will not be in until after she is here? I got a call yesterday from them and it turns out 4 out of 6 pieces are in! Still waiting on the crib (kind of important) but I am hopeful that it will get here before the end of October.  Fingers crossed! It would be so amaze if I could put her nursery together before she is here.

Speaking of things before she is here I need to think about freezing meals. The Mr. HATES frozen meat taste but I am wondering if I could find some casseroles that aren't real meaty? I saw a few on pinterest I am going to look at again. Also, I wonder if there is a company I can buy them from since were pretty lazy thinking about cooking 10-12 meals, anyone?

Happy Thursday, I will be off shopping! Now if only they had a shoe department for the mamas...


  1. i hate the evil baby store! Thats all I have though :(

  2. I did a post about freezer meals this morning. We cooked a TON this past weekend! I highly recommend the ones that you can throw in a crockpot in the morning.

  3. How exciting! I hope your furniture gets here before she does :)

  4. i wish there was a buy buy baby in el paso because i've heard nothing but good things about that place!
    my fingers are crossed for you that the crib will be in on time. We actually haven't even set up our crib yet-- only because Felix's nursery was our guest room and since it's too small to fit the guest bed and crib in, we're keeping the bed up while my mom comes and helps out. When our baby girl gets here, she'll sleep in her pack n' play crib in our bedroom.

    It's a pain to not really be able to set up her nursery though for sure! so i feel your antsyness to nest :)

    Have fun shopping!!!

    ps. do a post on what you find on freezer meals please :)

  5. I love BBB! Sadly, I couldn't register there since there is not one in my hometown and that's where most of my shower guests came from. I'll still shop here in CLT, though!!

  6. how exciting!!!!! ive never been to that store, but shopping for anything baby is FUN! im new to your blog, its adorable! You are the cutest! new follower! xo Kelly

  7. I registered @ Buy Buy Baby!! LOVE this place; obvi they're owned by Bed Bath & Beyond so naturally they're amazing!

  8. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  9. Following you from MBC. Love to invite you to the Weekend Blog Walk at At Home Take 2. Hope to see you there.

    Jessica @ At Home Take 2