Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

linking up for my first Friday's Letters


Dear baby diva - Thank you for the big smile yesterday at the ultra sound ! Mama and grandma really needed that in order to spoil you more (right). Hang tight little sis take your time (until eviction at 39-41 weeks), your world is about to get turned upside down, literally . Oh and we saw that you have a head of hair? Cannot wait to see its color! I guess mama needs a surprise after all. Love you.

Dear triplets: Stop growing! I get you want to be older kids but my heart can't take it. Thank one of you for saying you do not like the word "sex", lets keep it that way for about 20 years. So the awkward conversations shall begin? I guess instead of baby books I need a pre teen book asap. 

Dear trash tv: Thank you for showing the Mr. and I how sheltered our kids really are. We'd like to keep it that way, however could you please go off the air before they are in college? It would be really great if they could not go too girls gone wild. I do not want them becoming "bffs" with your kids.

Dear BUY BUY BABY- I LOVE you but my bank account does not. THANK YOU, it was confirmed yesterday that all of baby's furniture will be here before she is here! So excited.

Dear Dog/Lilly/Boo Bucket - Thanks but no thanks for waking me up at 6:05 am! Barking at the neighbors going to work (for the first time in two years) is not cool. I really thought since everyone in the house was gone last night/this morning I would get to sleep in but you made sure that didn't happen didn't ya?

Dear Cat- My family is obviously incapable of picking their towels up from the floor so you can stop using them as litter boxes to pee on! A pregnant woman who has to smell cat reek could commit homicide and you can bet your paws you'd be the victim. So stop, thank you.

Dear Blog- Thank you already for introducing me to some great people. I look forward to more and the friendships that I know come along with it. Thank you for being patient as I continue change things up for awhile and learn more. You rock. 


  1. I hear you with the cat pee, it is bad enough when you aren't preggo! Can't wait to see what color hair baby diva has...not much longer!

  2. haha gosh cats! they just don't get it!

    New follower :)

    Have a happy Friday! Stop by and say hello!

  3. Keep the girls sheltered! They grow up way too fast as it is.

  4. love your blog!

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