Friday, November 16, 2012

Newborn (not so glam) life

Although I'd love to say my baby is always happy and easy going, I'd be lying. 

Having a fussy newborn is HARD ...hard. I don't have time to shower let alone blog (It took me several days to finish this small post) We believe Katelyn has acid reflux, which we are treating this week. The first time we took her to the Dr they checked her physically and her weight, which was good. They said probably just colic and she will grow out of it. The term "colic" doesn't sit right with me when your baby scream cries in pain after/during feedings, chokes during feedings, spits up, hates being laid flat, makes loud breathing noises and only quiet when she nurses until she chokes again. If it was just fussy gas ok but not the other symptoms. She literally will cry on and off for 5 hours straight. We weren't even able to make it through her newborn photos :(. 

We went back to the DR  this week after a really bad weekend of episodes and they agreed to give us liquid Zantac to try. We have been on it for 4 days now, small improvement but not completely. Sadly, I will probably stop breast feeding also incase its a sensitivity or allergy and start her on hypoallegentic. It's hard not know what is wrong with your baby and the postpartum hormones are no joke! To top it off colds all through the house, including me praying she doesn't get it!

This is why I haven't and wont be around much till we get through this...AND WE WILL!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week One - Three


Mommy cannot believe you are already three weeks old & next week a month what ?! You look like your DADDY girlfriend! You are getting your mommy's lips though ;) .

You had your first Dr appointment and are gaining weight like a champ. You are a great nurser and also take the bottle good. You even tried to hold it up yourself at 7 days old! I guess you are strong willed like mommy.

 We cannot get enough of you and no one wants to ever put you down. I don't think you are hardly ever not held. You make the cutest little faces and mommy and daddy have already taken thousands of pictures of your sweet face! I love dressing you up in all of your pretty cloths and your sisters constantly take turns holding you. You have thousands of nicknames already. I LOVE your hair! After baths it gets spiky and its so adorable!! You also smile and crack up all the time even if it is infant noises it is a crack up! Mommy has to get it on film! We just love you Katie boo ! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birth Story

Little diva is two weeks old already! Mommy, Daddy, the trips and grandparents are in complete awe and in love. She has brought so much joy to us already that we can't imagine life without her. I am starting to feel more alive (minus the loss of sleep) so to come back to blogging I wanted to write my birth story before I forget.

Katelyn Renee was born via cesarian section Tuesday October 23, 2012 at 9:14 a.m. weighing in at 7.3 oz and 19.5 inches. She has a head full of beautiful auburn hair, long skinny fingers and toes. 
Monday night I got around 1.5-2 hrs of sleep from nerves and excitement. I woke up around 4:30 a.m., took a shower and had a very peaceful walk with the dog, I was feeling extra alert and great (I assume adrenaline). The weather was beautiful high 70s even hitting 80s for so the morning was pretty warm for October. We actually were running a little behind because of last minute things before we left so that caused a little bit of stress but once we got to the Hospital excitement set in. When we checked in we found out there were a few er c sections that were in the OR already before me so instead of an 8 am surgery it was going to happen when one of the ORs opened. 

When I got into my gown my nerves, lack of sleep and no food all hit me at once and before the nurses even ran an IV I felt light headed and nauseous. I also always have low bp and iron so that couldn't have helped.They gave me a cold rag and had me lay a different way which helped but I didn't fully feel better until they gave me a zofran and fluids through my IV. My husband and mom came back soon after the IV then it was the waiting game. My Dr came in to visit and I met the OR nurse, anestigiosits etc. I also saw my neighbor whom is a Nurse Anastegiologist and she seemed to be doing everyone else's surgery but mine she said the lady who was doing mine was perfect. 

Once an OR opened things happened pretty fast, they told my husband they would come get him in 15-20 min as they prepped me and gave me the spinal. The NA told me that 50% of peoples blood pressure takes a dip and that it would cause side effects for me to not be alarmed. I knew mine would since I have always had low blood pressure and am slight anemic. As soon as she put the spinal in they laid me down and put up the curtain. I was part of the 50% whose bp dropped very low and then I proceeded to have the worst headache in my life, she told me to hang tight she was regulating it and it would be all over soon. As she was doing that the Dr and nurse were listening for the baby’s heartbeat and the nurse was having trouble finding it with the Doppler. It freaked me out because I thought something was wrong with her and I both after the spinal. I asked if everything was ok and the DR said yes just listening and he took the Doppler from the nurse and I guess found it because I don’t remember. 

After a few I started to feel much better and my husband came back they told me they were starting surgery. I pretty much looked at my husband the whole time as the curtain was in my face. I could see his eyes glance over as I asked him if everything was alright, the DR and nurse said "ah ha this is why we couldn't find her heartbeat your placenta is anterior."

The Dr said "Look at this boy, no wait this head is too pretty to be a boy (full of auburn hair) what a beautiful girl." Finally I heard the sweet cry that would change my life forever. Then he brought her over for a quick peek. The nurses grabbed my husband to cut the cord and attend to the baby I heard them say her apgard score was 9.9, which was awesome I knew she would'nt have to go to the nursery and would be staying with us. They were cleaning me up and I was listening to my baby cry then finally my husband brought her over to touch my face, she was calm and so soft. It was the BEST moment of my life, I now know the feeling of truly being able to die for or kill for someone. 

After surgery I held my baby to the recovery room where we did skin to skin and she latched on to breast feed. My husband was there looking so happy and when my mom came back to hold her for the first time she was "glowing" as everyone said. I can't even remember feeling fuzzy from the morphine I was just so happy . We were in recovery for about an hour and my grandma and cousin came back to visit as well. Finally when we went to our room we all settled and a few hours later the baby had her first bath. My Hospital did a study and said delaying the first bath is actually good for your baby because the white vernix they are born with coats their skin like a lotion, so I agreed to delay it. When they gave her the bath she was not happy! The only time she was happy was sleeping or on mommy's chest. We were all pretty tired but I think the medicine made me stay awake, they kept the drip in for 16 hours after surgery. Once they removed the drip and catheter I had to take the pain meds around the clock and was in a lot of pain when I got up. Mom helped me shower and my husband was great soothing the baby and changing her. She was perfect all her vitals and test came back normal.

When the Dr cleared us to go Thursday we were out of there. Hospitals come in and interrupt your sleep around the clock and aren't on the same schedule as the baby so we practically got no sleep. At least at home the baby was the only one doing the interrupting. 
C-section recovery is no joke. I was down the first week and if I tried to do to much I was in a lot of pain. It doesn't help that you just had a baby which calls for a lot of extra duties. We are blessed that my MIL and mom took separate weeks off to help with the baby and house chores. I still feel sore in my incision spot but each day I am feeling better. The Dr said my incision looks great and baby girl is healthy so we are all very lucky. 

We are still learning schedules and along with breast feeding. The first week the nights were rough but this week she is starting to sleep more at night just waking up every three hours to feed. She is so beautiful and is my entire world feeling so very blessed!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

She's here!!

Lil Diva made her arrival Tuesday 9/23 , 9:14 am 7 lbs 19.5 inches of perfect love !

Introducing ....

Katelyn Renee

Mom and baby are recovering well . Will be back to posting soon! Thank you for all the well wishes.