Our Family's Story

The Mr. and I met five years ago when he was a single father going through a divorce. I was very intrigued with him, attracted to his kindness and well him in general. We became great friends. He was at a rough patch in his life and I was young in college figuring out myself. It was nice to have someone to talk to that was established and had more experiences than I. There was however, no way I pictured us as a couple because he had triplets, was in a established career etc. didn't seem like it was in my life's plan.  When I came over and helped him out with the trips (they were still in diapers!) I saw how great of a father he was, really trying to stay very much in their lives, my attraction grew like any woman's would. We were friends for a good 4 months before we were a couple. 

We went on our first trip together in 2007 on Thanksgiving break to Palm Beach, FL (with my now in-laws who live there in the winter) he asked me to come along to help them out and have fun. We stayed at a separate condo from the parents, I was a little nervous at first but without me that trip wouldn't have happened, they were still in diapers and there is no way he'd survive a week alone. It sounded fun so I agreed. The trips really stole my heart before him. I was in love with them he knew it and appreciated it. During the second night of the trip on Thanksgiving, he admitted his attraction to me and wanted to know if I felt the same. I was sort of shocked and didn't see it coming. Oblivious I guess. Then my heart felt full and happy pretty much instantly, so I knew I felt the same way. We went on our first date there when his parents gave us a night "off". The place was called the Cruizin Rum bar and he romanced me by riding the mechanical bull in the sand (ha!). We still go there to this day when we visit the parents. Once we got home we were pretty much inseparable. 

During our first trip the trips and I on the ferris wheel in Palm Beach, FL 

I did not want to go back home the first night after the trip but stood my ground and went, telling him I would come see him on nights I didnt have class early or to help with the girls. We had good times going to restaurants and spots I have never been to before, my spots he had never been to before. He was in his early thirties and I was in my early twenties so the hangout spots were a tad different. He introduced me into fine wine and snobby beer, before I had only drank bud light. Needless to say, I have been a wino ever since. I started to grow up a little and wanted to stay at his hang outs more often than mine, naturally. A few months later on my birthday he asked me to move into his condo with him. I said yes of course, we were always with the girls work and/or school, along with the drive (I lived around 40 min away) it made sense. We were so happy in this new little life we had.

My 23rd birthday when he asked me to move in 
A few months after living together we planned an "adult only" trip to St. Maarten. He had stopped there on a cruise with an ex and said he had wanted to take me there ever since he met me (aw). We stayed on the Island for 9 days. Although, we missed the girls terribly, being together 24/7 and alone for the first time really strengthened and sealed our relationship. We had so much fun, it was the first time I had been exposed to a different culture and most importantly I realized this was the man I wanted to marry and spend my life with. The trips were an added bonus not baggage. 
In St.Maarten on the French side on Orient bay 
In 2008 when the economy tanked the Mr.  knew that he wanted to buy a bigger house to fit everyone in, so instead of losing money in investments he bought our home in late 2008. He jokes that it was because I took over all the closets (won't argue there) but really it was a good investment for the future. I was a little leary about moving in to an actual home with them.  As far as marriage, I knew that he was still getting over the past and didn't want to rush, things were great as they were. I knew I wanted the stability eventually, given that I was well into a wife and motherly role at this point but was willing to give him time. I loved them all so much and felt loved back. I was also finishing up school so there was no time to plan a wedding anyway.

Our first Christmas in the new home

The following year 2009, went by very fast with filling the home (he pretty much had nothing in his bachelor pad), a few vacations, and the girls starting kindergarten. Also, I finished college (top of my class btw) in August. We took a cruise and just had fun together in our new home life was exciting. 

At a wine tasting party 

In late 2010 I had been working as a professional, we were settled down with the house, adopted our dog-ter Lilly and we hit a little rough patch. I was ready to be married or move on. It was scary to imagine life without them. 

The trips and lilly

In 2011 things felt right again between us and we took a trip together to reconnect. The Mr. then purposed in the sweetest way. On royal wedding day April 29th! I had my own fairy tale across the pond. He did it at home with the girls as a family. Crying he said "You have always been apart of the family, I have always wanted this and I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me and be my Mrs. Easton?"

Our wedding. Will blog about it on our anniversary
Now in 2012 we are about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and have our first biological daughter together (around the same time we took our honeymoon) and the trips are in 2nd grade! I have never been this happy or in love with my family as I am now. Ready to add a new member and make so many more happy memories with all!


  1. What an amazing story! Congratulations on your daughter!! I have an 18 month old...little girls as you know are so sweet :)

  2. I just read this. Hope you having a fab life with your family :)