Thursday, May 23, 2013

Album of the (my) summer

Gatsby. I wouldn't go as far as saying movie of the summer (against Iron man & Star Trek c'mon) but album ?! Yes! Talk about motivation while running , working out, partying, boring car rides... Gatsby's where it's at. I love majority of the songs, not only that Leonardo pops in here and there with some Gatsby lines (perfect). There is hip hop, rock, 20s sounding bop mixed with currents, I could go on... Highly recommend go DL it !

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (one of the songs ........true statement). 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pool and Summer begins

We took the kids to the club on Saturday for their "soft" opening before Memorial day, and we had a blast! Katelyn is going to be a water baby, she loves it and the cold water didn't even bother her. The trips and their cousin had a great time on the diving board and slides. I am so happy the weather is *finally* warming up so that we can enjoy being outside! We plan to launch the boat this weekend. Hoping the baby likes boats as well because we are boaters! 

On Sunday we did some back porch sitting, wine drinking and a little grilling. You could say were living for the weekend around here!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Shopping site addiction.

Amazon. Anyone? Anyone else? Um...Yeah. Amazon is my bff. From ordering baby items to hair products to anything under the sun! Super easy, free shipping (prime member holla!)

Since baby girl has came along I haven't been able to go out shopping per usual so Amazon prime is my best friend! The best part? The midwest Amazon shipping facility is just a few exits away, so everything is usually shipped within a day or two. The Mr. calls me the Amazon Queen since now he sees all of the boxes unlike before where I was able to hide/trash my shopping bags (oops) but everything is needed. Plus Amazon is usually always cheaper than most stores, I just love it. I hope there are other mommies / busy ladies out there that concur! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

New name , new look!

I've been wanting to change my blog look and name for some time now BUT I had NO idea where to start. 

I write mostly about the family and baby. I love to write about favorite products of ours and fun adventures the Mr and I go on as well. I feel like we live two lives, the family life and we want the exciting exploring couple life. It is so important for my husband and I to keep our relationship a priority and not get sucked into being only a worker for the family. 

Whats in a name? When the Mr and I first started dating we would go out on some dates and really dress up, we still like to when we can (but that is very rare) to keep the romance alive. Well once mommy hood came along full time and all of the things with the trips I started to wear yoga pants  A LOT so there is a running joke with the Mr and I.  He loves to shop for me instead of gift cards (which I love) so this year one of my Christmas gift was yoga pants & stilettos in the same box as a joke. 

So welcome to my new blog, Yoga pants v.s. Stilettos a question I ask myself every day. I'll give you a guess which one is winning lately, maybe it should have been yoga pants v.s. wine or AND wine, but that would make me out to be such a lush. 

A bunch of things are coming soon in the links so look out for them! Thanks for your support. 

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

Mothers Day was wonderful. The weekend was extremely busy I was very tired and lethargic after the Mr's grill steak dinner (my fav) ! My little love let me take a long nap on Sunday (much needed). We went to brunch with the in laws and then my mom came over for the steak. Lots of memories made.

I am SO happy to be her momma. I love her so very much. She is everything we could ask for and more! I hope all you mommas out there enjoyed your day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Derby Weekend

We had a impromptu family derby party on Saturday. The girls were interested in the horses and we tried to explain the hats and the traditions, so we told them to go get fancy and lets have a derby party! We wore our dresses, hats, bet and had a grill out. We did a "lotto" style bet. I was going to put my name next to Orb first but of course daddy got him right before me. Since he won, the condition was you get to pick what we do for the rest of the night (we all knew that meant video games). Even little diva joined in the fun.

On Sunday we finally got to meet my friends son who was born 3 days before Katelyn. It was fun comparing notes and the milestones. He can do this crazy "army" style crawl , was so cute! Katelyn is only roly poly (for now).

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Oh Atlanta. We came , we saw, and we played (a little too hard). Last week we took off to Atlanta for the last leg of the Mr.'s birthday month. Our friends moved down there for work ( sorely miss) and we have been wanting to go visit them. They are Romanian but have lived in the US for 12 years now and used to be our neighbors turned good friends.

I was so giddy, excited and nervous leaving baby I took a bunch of selfies on the plane to distract myself while the Mr. worked.

Too much coffee.
Shortly after it was time to bring on the wine & twist my arm (when flight attended refilled mine without asking). 

After landing it was lunch and an early happy hour 

Found an old style phone booth, of course that means I have to pose "call me maybe."

Later that day we went to a good dinner and several bars. Probably shouldn't look for those pics. I felt so bad Saturday morning! Not used to it I guess and getting older, I can't hang like back in the early 20s days!

Saturday we took it easy recovered  and waited till later to start. We went to a really nice night club so we could dance (one of my favorite past time things to do).

We had dinner at a really cute authentic Mexican restaurant.

Sunday we had brunch, good food and booze.

For dinner we finished the trip out a cool Jazz restaurant called Dantes, there are ligit crocodiles walking around and ship artwork all over, pirates and all. Felt like I was in the pirates of caribbean ride at Disney. Sadly, he is closing down this summer because the city is building a high rise condo. If you are in Atlanta soon it is worth it to check out!

Croc's grave. First time seeing that, also didn't know they could live really LONG lives! 

One of the cars outside. Looked like HBO's gangster Boardwalk Empire style!

All in All awesome trip, missed my baby terribly and was happy to be home!