Friday, May 10, 2013

Derby Weekend

We had a impromptu family derby party on Saturday. The girls were interested in the horses and we tried to explain the hats and the traditions, so we told them to go get fancy and lets have a derby party! We wore our dresses, hats, bet and had a grill out. We did a "lotto" style bet. I was going to put my name next to Orb first but of course daddy got him right before me. Since he won, the condition was you get to pick what we do for the rest of the night (we all knew that meant video games). Even little diva joined in the fun.

On Sunday we finally got to meet my friends son who was born 3 days before Katelyn. It was fun comparing notes and the milestones. He can do this crazy "army" style crawl , was so cute! Katelyn is only roly poly (for now).

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  1. Ya'll are so cute. I love that you celebrated the Derby together as a family!