Thursday, May 9, 2013


Oh Atlanta. We came , we saw, and we played (a little too hard). Last week we took off to Atlanta for the last leg of the Mr.'s birthday month. Our friends moved down there for work ( sorely miss) and we have been wanting to go visit them. They are Romanian but have lived in the US for 12 years now and used to be our neighbors turned good friends.

I was so giddy, excited and nervous leaving baby I took a bunch of selfies on the plane to distract myself while the Mr. worked.

Too much coffee.
Shortly after it was time to bring on the wine & twist my arm (when flight attended refilled mine without asking). 

After landing it was lunch and an early happy hour 

Found an old style phone booth, of course that means I have to pose "call me maybe."

Later that day we went to a good dinner and several bars. Probably shouldn't look for those pics. I felt so bad Saturday morning! Not used to it I guess and getting older, I can't hang like back in the early 20s days!

Saturday we took it easy recovered  and waited till later to start. We went to a really nice night club so we could dance (one of my favorite past time things to do).

We had dinner at a really cute authentic Mexican restaurant.

Sunday we had brunch, good food and booze.

For dinner we finished the trip out a cool Jazz restaurant called Dantes, there are ligit crocodiles walking around and ship artwork all over, pirates and all. Felt like I was in the pirates of caribbean ride at Disney. Sadly, he is closing down this summer because the city is building a high rise condo. If you are in Atlanta soon it is worth it to check out!

Croc's grave. First time seeing that, also didn't know they could live really LONG lives! 

One of the cars outside. Looked like HBO's gangster Boardwalk Empire style!

All in All awesome trip, missed my baby terribly and was happy to be home!


  1. You guys rocked it out! Remember we went to Atlanta back in February and did the same! I was HUNGOVER!

  2. I love this blog. I've ALWAYS loved your blogs. You look wonderful, and you and Beau are a terrific couple.

    Now, can I drive the plane?