Wednesday, September 19, 2012

To-do crazy stupid

My to-do list this week is crazy stupid. Which is making me crazy stupid....literally. Yesterday I went to the mall to run the endless errands I have and I forgot where I parked. After about a half hour of speed walking around the entire mall I finally found it, where I originally walked out. Instead of going to the right I went to the left, which made me late to get the girls. Baby diva was not happy! I started to have cramping and braxton hicks contractions, which have been going on for about a week. My Dr. assured me this late in the game they are completely normal.

All of the things we have to do are fun but its the prep work that is getting to me! Here is just a bit...

The triplets turn 8 this week so we are throwing them a birthday party to celebrate on Friday. Dancing and (since we are promised fall like weather) a fire pit and smore roasting are on the agenda. We have around 10 girls attending. So of course things need to be bought, house in order etc. my cousin promises to come over and be a life saver to help.

A Wedding? Why not. We will be attending one of the Mr. co-workers wedding on Saturday.  Friend's birthday party the same day? Sure! It's an early wedding (reception starts at 4:30) so we are swinging by a 40th celebration after. Baby shower? You betcha!! Sunday I will be going to the baby shower of a close friend's wife. Then to conclude why not throw in the family's (grandparents) celebration for the girls birthday on Sunday night at a hibachi grill! Oh and Monday? The Mr and I will be celebrating our first year of marriage. His gift is on the back burner (sorry!) we plan on celebrating next Friday anyway, but there will be year old cake!

You see that is why my week's to-do list is crazy stupid.

 Ok my list is calling. If I suddenly disappear I may have went into labor or the looney bin. Good thing I am an OCD list maker and have major energy from my urge to nest, yet nothing this week falls in the baby prep category (all next week baby I promise) otherwise this week would be for the birds!

BTW girl's picture day was today, so we woke at 6 am to shower all three and blow dry hair etc. which is normally done the night before.   They looked so beautiful and grown up... ack! I leave you with the end result:


  1. YIKES!! Hang in there! That's a LOT on your list

  2. The girls look fabulous! Hope you get your list completed and don't lose your can anymore! ;)

  3. they're all such beautiful girls!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  4. They're so beautiful! What a busy busy next few days for you, girl. All sound pretty enjoyable, though. :]

  5. Wow!!! How in the heck do you manage it all... A-freaking-mazing!!!