Thursday, August 30, 2012

Homework with Triplets

Homework with triplets...need I say more? 

The trips are now in second grade, week one was over last week, so its game on homework gods! Let the good times roll.

Having three in three different classes means a nice variety of work load and a side of triple tasks (and triple germs). We were smart separating them right?! You know for social developing, independent skills, growing as an individual....not throwing them all together (like they are at home and summer 24/7) to make all of our lives easier.

This is the first week they were sent home with spelling. I sang HALLELUJAH when I saw that they were all the same letters, no seriously. HALLELUJAH. In the past they've had all different words each week so it made for even longer homework nights. 

When I quizzed them tonight we had a perfect score, minus four, and minus seven. Talk about different levels! 

The Mr. was telling me the other day that the perfect scorer is going to be the valedictorian. She is always raising her hand to go first, help with everything and a know it all. I can't say I don't agree.

You can guess which one was the only one to make sure to help paint baby's room! 

I feel bad when they are hard on themselves and compare themselves to the other siblings. Therefore, we will gladly continue their separation schedule even if it drags us down a bit. What matters most is that they grow into their own beautiful respectful selves and are happy with who they are!


  1. WOW! I guess you guys have 50/50 custody of them?

  2. I remember alyssa going to the same school as my nephew and I refused them to be in the same class, AO I agree with keeping them seperate. :) good call.

    I hope homework time stays as easy and calm as possible...for now anyway, with baby diva coming. :) Love you!!

  3. High five for having triplets! I just read your family story, so sweet! Are they super excited to be big sisters?

    So glad you found my blog and now that I've found yours!

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