Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday the Mr. had his annual corvette run to Elk Creek Winery. I love the beautiful scenery this winery has it is quite breathtaking, very romantic. It is Kentucky's largest winery and we feel lucky to live near by it. My favorites are their white wines not so much their red, I think they do better white due to our climate. If you are a wino and you see them in your local wine shop I suggest their pinot grigio and some of their flavor wines such as the blueberry. They also have a small shallot to stay in as well, we still haven't stayed overnight yet but plan to sometime in the future. The Mr. and my father-in-law organize a fun "corvette run" every year with all of their friends who own corvettes . They usually take the scenic back road route, hit the winery for lunch and of course enjoy some wine. To conclude the run, they head to one of the friend's man cave hunting playhouse barn close by for a drink. I opted out this year since wine and long low corvette rides don't really go well with pregnancy.

Men and their toys! Father-in-laws is the first white one, ours is next to it. Wondering if we can trade it in for a horse?!

While the Mr. was off wining and dining I picked up the trips from school and we treated ourselves with a manicure and ice cream! I thought it was the perfect day to do so, us girls were going to celebrate the first weekend off from school. They were so excited when I told them the plans stating it was "The best day ever!" (which we have heard about a zillion times but love it each time).
Showing of their manis and ice cream staches!

Also, the final trip lost her two front teeth! The other two had lost theirs over the summer and now she is joining them. Very sad they are growing up so fast, baby diva better grow reallllly slow!
Two front feet gone!
Saturday we took full advantage of the pool since it is closing next weekend. Sad to see it end already but I am ready for fall in a serious way! Colder weather, football, colder weather, pumpkin everything, colder weather, baby girls arrival, crock pot cookin' and did I mention colder weather?!? This has been the hottest summer ever to be pregnant, I am so sick of seeing 90s in our forecast! What is your favorite/s thing about fall?
The trips favorite pool game hanging on Daddy any manner they can. Daddy needed the Adult pool break after an hour of this game!

My mom also came over Saturday evening for a visit and small grill out. She sounded like she had a rough week so I had asked the Mr. to grill his famous steaks for us. I guess since the little diva and I are growing and growing, I am having a more difficult time eating big meals because I was miserable after dinner! My Dr told me to snack throughout the day and don't eat after 6 p.m. This is hard since my family are "dinner people". I guess I will cook it for them and eat my cucumber salad and crackers, boo! After that miserable night I went and got a pillow wedge to help with the gerd/heart burn at bed bath and beyond so I hope that helps! It feels like a painfully full thanksgiving dinner every time I eat.

Sunday the Mr. bought all the painting supplies and started little divas room! This made for a very happy wife.

Mr. painting baby diva's nursery

Goodbye office & Palm Trees! 

I feel like things are really starting to come together. We have most of the major items, just need to have the shower to see what else we need. Here is a picture of just a few presents from the ups man who is a regular visitor around the Easton house lately.

Stroller, car seat, car seat hook up to stroller, baby bag (which will get its own post I am so excited), and ok maybe a pair of fall boots for momma!
We also had to say goodbye (for now) to our favorite show Tru blood! Sad panda here, how will I live without a hot vampire fix each week?!  Looking forward to the fall tv line up and the new shows airing. What shows are you most looking forward too? We need to add some more into our rotation, I have a feeling I won't be able to move soon.

Trubies forever ;)


  1. The Countdown is on! I'm not good with eating late anymore either.
    I'm just in pain all the time with this rib/back thing.
    It makes me want to cry! :(

    1. Dee, the wedge pillow is supposed to help with back issues as well. Also, a little foam pillow to put in-between your legs. They had both at Bed Bath & Beyond if you haven't already checked them out :). They count down is on for sure!!

  2. I do like this entry! So much fun stuff going on! And of course, food :) The kids are adorable!

  3. Very eventful weekend!! RIP palm trees but yay for the nursery coming along!! Just found your blog! Loved your about you section! Congrats on your first baby girl!