Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Organizing under the stairs

Ever since we started to try for a baby (took all of one month, very blessed) I have been in total organization/nesting mode. Some would argue that nesting doesn't come till the very end (picture a mad woman with bleach in hand hitting every cm of the home, not daring to get in her way). I however, have never had this much energy to clean and organize. I have accomplished a lot since February, minus the evil months of March and most of April (my morning sickness months). I just wonder if it is odd that everything I have done practically has nothing to do with her? You know the baby who is coming in two months. She could care less what the garage or nightstand look like. I think she will be happy if I have a functioning breast and a clean dry diaper waiting.

Some things I have accomplished were having the trips closet and cloths cleaned up and donated (well before the start of the school year), our closets cleaned, donated endless bags of everything, squeaky clean garages, painted bedroom walls, repaired blinds, organized kitchen appliances, redid nightstands, replaced the solar lights outside, redecorated our sitting room and family room, and over the weekend I wanted to knock out the Holiday/misc storage under our basement steps. I wish I would have taken a before picture in there. It was like an episode of Hoarders, you could barley open the door and you could not walk in there without climbing over things. I could not squeeze my belly in there!

Here is everything pulled out

I bought a bunch of different size tubs to organize each Holiday, memory box, and misc. items then proceeded to fill and label them. Throwing away broken/unused items. I texted the Mr when I was done and told him I needed his muscles and the vacuum. He carried up around 4 loads of trash and then put in the tubs starting with non holiday then the holidays we need in order ( the garbage men must hate us this year with all the loads we have sitting out for them). The Mr. started to question me as to why there was so much garbage since it was saved under the stairs. Majority of the junk was the boxes you save at Christmas thinking you will reuse again and never do or broken junk. Unless those boxes are gorgeous gems this year, were not saving! Not to mention we had around 7 easter baskets.


Next thing on my list is the toy room closet. Having the trips go through toys they no longer play with before their birthday in September then for Christmas, also making room for the baby diva's toys! 


  1. Cleaning up spaces in your home like this is one of the best feelings when you are done. And for some reason, there is always something to clean and organize! :)

  2. Hey there! Thanks for following and stopping by my blog! It's always great to make new blog friends :)

    Girl, you're an organizing genius! Look at that closet!!