Tuesday, April 16, 2013


All week I have been dying to write about the Mr.'s 40th birthday plans!

I threw him a surprise birthday party at the Morelin Lager house (downtown Cincinnati) booked a room with 20 of his closest friends and let me tell you I GOT HIM!

When we talked about his 40th birthday he mentioned that he wanted to celebrate with the friends, family and just us. He has never had a "surprise party"... so why not? I told him that we would have a house party on the 27th and this weekend we would do dinner, just the two of us, his friends played along and made it possible as well. When we went to dinner they took us up the stairs to the private room (where they put the curtains down). The view was awesome! Right next to the Great American Ball Park (reds stadium) His face was priceless, so shocked!

Also, instead of the "house party" we are going to Atlanta in two weeks for a long weekend to visit our sorely missed friends who recently moved there. They have a very swanky condo around where the action is, it will be nice to see them and get away for a bit. Still not sure how I am going to be away from the baby for 3 days, but I will survive. I booked the tickets a month ago and told him after the party, he said I was a great wifey ...score!

Some pictures of the weekend..

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