Monday, April 8, 2013

Gorgeous weekend

We had a beautiful weekend around these parts! The weather *finally* realized it was Spring and gave us two nice days. The girls went to Florida with their mom for Spring Break so we said our goodbyes on Friday with family game night then it was just the three of us. 

Saturday we went to  club to work out, run errands took baby for a stroll then to kick of the Mr.'s birthday month (lots to come) we late lunch at the pub ...outside! 

That evening we had a close friend over to grill steaks and drink some Pinto, she hasn't met the lil diva yet so it was time. We even ended up in the hot tub after diva went to bed! Fun night.

Sunday was so great the weather was perfect again and we took Katelyn to the park to swing for the first time and she *loved* it I think it is time to buy a swing under the deck!

Does anyone watch Shameless? The season finale was yesterday not sure how I felt about it, but onto better things Game of Thrones...loving it! Was really sad to see this weekend go, so excited to be outdoors again!


  1. We need to take Shelby swinging!

  2. aww what a cute little sun hat!! She is straight chessin!!

  3. you have four girls? Cute! :)