Thursday, June 27, 2013

A very gross chore

Sooo one of the grossest things I've ever had to do happened to me this week and no it has nothing to do with kid poop. I would have preferred that. Several months ago our renters at our condo were down on their luck and fell into some hardship aka couldn't pay rent any longer. Being the nice folks we are we allowed them to pack up and get out without consequence. We made them do it rather quickly because we needed to start cleaning and finding new renters. They left a lot of stuff they couldn't take (nothing of value) and unfortunately their dog did a number on the carpets. So I was caught up in riding the items and getting the carpet replaced, the Mr. patching and painting, we both didn't check the fridge. Big mistake. BIG. When opened we were greeted with a HORRIBLE SMELL, mold , liquid food, ugh I can't go on without vomiting. Anyway, I was given the task to try to restore this gross sucker. Before and after shots:

Now how to rid the smell? Baking soda has been used, read about white vinegar, vanilla extract...even coffee beans. Any advice would be apprechiated. We may have to bite the bullet and by a new. Ever consider renting? Don't. 

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