Monday, June 10, 2013

15 Things you may or may not know

Soooo...I have tons of post planned full of pictures and family shenanigans because we have been one BUSY crew since the trips have been out of school BUT right after I loaded my pics on my Mac it died and so did the battery SINCE this lady doesn't have time to drive 50 min to Apple to get a new I had to order. The bad boy is in the mail (in China ...I checked) supposed to be here on Wednesday. In the mean time I will do a useless 15 things about me, you can play along if your heart desires. 

1. I keep bug spray and bite relief on me at all times in the summer ..HATE bug bites ( I am not a good camper).
2. I make a MEAN meatloaf, ask the Mr. I think he told me he loved me while eating it the first time.
3. I cannot stand ANY spicy food.
4. My favorite wine is a good glass of pinto grigio, but anything will do (unless too sweet I cannot deal).
5. After a few rum runners the Mr. and I may or may not have partially participated in a nude West Indies beach. 
6. I feel happiest on a boat with family.
7. I used to be a cheap date (bud light girl) the Mr. ruined years ago by being snobby about his beer and wine. 
8. To me, the BEST thing in the world watching your child experience NEW small things, it really is the small things as they say. 
9. Most of the time while the Mr. and I are winding down while the kids are in bed I am playing/checking my phone (those days are over when I could anytime), I think it annoys him, meh.
10. I cannot sleep well when my kitchen is messy and I need my sleep so it is always clean-ish by the end of the night. 
11. When I get the chance (Mr watches baby) I can still sleep till 10, I AM NOT a morning person, I cannot fall asleep early either unless I am sick, even when the baby was colicky and I was a zombie, pretty ridiculous actually. 
12. I have watched someone die by being hit by a car, worst night ever. 
13. I can have a hard time of showing emotion. 
14. I have been told I am fearless.
15. My husband is my very best friend, but the best friends whom I have been close to the longest are the loyal ones. Loyalty means everything to me. 

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