Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Summer..& exciting NEWS

It seems as though my little blog has been put on the back burner this Summer. Anyone here? I know I am a more active blogger in the fall and winter months, how about you? I also know I put on more weight in the summer, anyone else? All the cookouts, boating, pool instead of gym, ya know. We have spent fun times at the river, trips to Kings Island, the pool, and the husband and I are going to sneak off and go to Chicago THIS WEEKEND to the lalapoloza festival. Follow me on instgram for some fun Chicago shots. Its an awesome people watching festival we have scheduled out our weekend and which bands we have to see, so excited! Will be good and do a trip recap post. 

The girls seem like they are now pre teens instead of kids  & the baby transforming into a toddler right in front of our eyes! Life goes way too fast. Watching them change on a daily basis is just mind blowing. The baby can pull up on everything, my bet is that she will be walking by 10 months, 11 max. I have started to put away some of her infant things and she is outgrowing 6-9 month cloths, sad panda!

News....NEWS FLASH ....WE ARE MOVING. Yep. We are moving onto our parents property & rennovating their home, adding a new wing and foundation. Super excited! Everyone will have thier own room. More details to come...this will be our backyard :

I can imagine my husband and kids out there having picnics, fishing, and enjoying the beautiful view for years to come!

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