Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whats in my Hospital Bag?

Before I start let me just say " I HATE PACKING" thats right, I hate packing. Always have, suppose I always will. I get this anxiety about leaving something very important or taking too much or too little, so I usually wait till the last minute. Even though I know "it can be bought if not brought".

I have packed for many vacations in my life but Hospital stays? Not a chance. I have been researching and researching what to bring. Each list has been a little different, so what do I do? I bring it all. Our 3 day (I pray only 3) Hospital stay will look like a week stay. It doesn't help the Mr. is a heavy packer also. Oh well there is always the trunk we can keep things in. 

Here is a list of items I am bringing: 

Big suitcase

2 pairs of a size larger Yoga pants
Nursing bras and 2 nursing tanks
breast pads/lanolin cream 
under garments 
comfortable socks
his & hers slippers
small fan
2 sleep mask
dry shampoo
tinted moisturizer
hair ties/brush
2 pillows 
2 towels and toilet paper (heard to bring your own as theirs are awful)
feminine pads and wipes
trash magazines
travel boppy for nursing
Chocolate & Thank you cards for medical staff 
A bag of snacks
Note of items still needed such as charges, Mr. things, and last minute toiletries 

Baby Bag (her diaper bag)

a few outfits, going home outfit
Aden + anais blanket
few diapers and wipes (I know they supply)
Baby genetics hand sani
Baby book (someone said nurses will stamp their feet for you)
burp cloths
cute bows, must have those 

Car seat
I think we are ready! 


  1. I think this must be a scheduled post b/c I'm pretty sure you had your baby last night.

  2. looks similiar to my list!! I could barely lift my heavy bag off the floor!!!!!

  3. Looks like you are set! You thought of some really good things to bring! :) Best wishes with your delivery!