Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Fall weekend

This past weekend was one of the last weekends we will have with the trips as a family of 5. Pretty soon there will be a little one in the mix and we will definitely have a different schedule and activities for awhile. So we decided to soak up the wonderful fall weather and hit a pumpkin patch farm, apple pick, animal feed and go see Hotel Transylvania, which was really good. A lot of parents asked me about the movie because they were worried it maybe too scary for their young ones, this one is not. Very comical and a great story line, Paranorman? If your child gets scared easily I'd suggest you skip that one! Here are some pictures of our weekend. 

Sunday my nesting bug hit pretty hard, it deserves its own post. Pretty hilarious folks! Hope you are smiling this Monday, I know I am. My nursery furniture is coming today!!


  1. What makes these stories even better for me is the photos. I love seeing the family! Love ya

  2. And... I LOVE the Bengals pants!

  3. Hey there I'm a new follower! Love the pictures of your fall activity filled weekend!

  4. Furniture!! Let me know how much you love it.
    Loving the girls' Bengals pants! They're so cute.