Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meeting "The love of my life" & manic nesting

When I woke up Sunday (early after no sleep) I hurried out the door to get the groceries done and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some household items. One of the workers was a lady who stopped me and wanted to talk about my pregnancy and asked if I needed help. You could tell she wanted a bit of a conversation not just your typical employee/customer chat. If you have been pregnant before you know at the very end you are kind of over talking about your pregnancy. I'll admit that I was annoyed and just wanted to be on my way so I could get home. I tried to be polite but also give her cues that I was in a somewhat hurry. At the end of the day I remembered our conversation, I told her how I was "nesting" and she told me that she used to have a rabbit whom when pregnant, her chest hair would thicken and she would use the shed for her baby rabbits nest to keep them safe and warm (how beautiful) then she told me be prepared to meet "the love of my life". So after feeling annoyed in the moment, later on I really appreciated her conversation with me. She told me to come back and bring the baby when we are out and about which I will most definitely do. 

I have been manic nesting for about a month now. It comes and goes, usually in groups of a few days. Literally a bi-polar type feeling, I will have a TON of energy (I wish I could bottle) not need sleep and just prepare, clean, clean, clean THEN after a few days I could sleep for 12 hours and not want to move off the couch. My to-do list for baby and the house is almost completed and it really makes me feel accomplished. 

 My best friends recently?  

These bad boys! I am pretty sure their stock went up from this Northern Kentucky housewife, I go through a few of them a day. It is so bad that last night after I FINALLY stopped to break, I took a bath and there was one next to the bath which I proceeded to use and clean the bath and tile instead of soak. 

These next two weeks I'd like to try to focus more on quiet time and alone time with the Mr. I could cry tears of sadness (and JOY) that this coming weekend will be our LAST weekend together without needing a sitter. We're going to try to make the most of it! 


  1. Those wipes are awesome especilly when in a pinch!

  2. Hi there! I'm a new follower! I love to keep up with other momma blogs, especially girl-momma blogs. I have a 19 month old and another girl on the way. I'm only 23 weeks, and I already feel like I'm nesting like crazy! You look great, can't wait to hear all about your new little girl ) ~ Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood