Monday, October 15, 2012


Lilly is my sweet 2.5 year old peekaboo baby. She is smart, spoiled, shy, doesn't like men (besides daddy and her great grandpa) loves belly rubs, and is mommas shadow. Pretty soon she will not be the only little baby in the house. Fortunately, she is good with the trips (unless they were to steal her food) but she is spoiled and feels like she is on the same "level" as they are so we may have a little work. She has never hurt them and she is happy when they are around, so after a little adjusting I think she will do well with the new baby. I have heard stories of dogs and babies not doing well and people having to get rid of them. That would break my heart! It eases my worry a little that she has been around children her whole life. Her grandma (my mom) loves her as much as I do, so she will watch her for a bit when the baby first comes home, then we will slowly introduce the two when mom has the week off to help me when the Mr. goes back to work.

I figured Lilly would need a little extra love once the baby steals most of mommas attention so last month I signed her up for a monthly " Barkbox " which sends pets a box of goodies each month. She was pretty happy with her goodies, some more than others. It was cute when the mailman dropped it off it was like she knew it was for her, normally she doesn't make a fuss about the package just the man delivering! So far we are happy with this product!

In this month's box :

West Paw Design chewable toy (she didn't play with this, she normally likes soft squeaky toys)
LA Fresh wash and go wipes (nice and clean wipes I like) treats (she loved these)
Whole Life Pet dried sweet potato treats (she did not care for these)
Barkworthies power bar (one of her favorites)
Zukes dog breath bone  (she thought it was ok) 


  1. LOL I love this idea! never heard of it.

  2. I'm worried about our pooch when the baby comes. He'll be fine with her, I'm just worried about him leaving his mark on her stuff b/c of jealousy.

  3. aw how cute! might have to get this for boomer =)