Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Planner

 I know you've read this exact post a million times but it must go in my blog.

Erin Condren Life Planner


I discovered this beauty just recently, before this blog, through another friend who blogs, whom I met through her blog, when we started blogging 10 years ago. Got that?! Sorry I wanted to see how many times I could use the "b" word in a sentence.

Could I buy a cheaper Target planner? Yes, but remember I get bored easy? Things have to be cute and have options to keep my attention! The Life Planner not only has options it has personal options. You can customize galore this planner from the cover, notepads, stickers and more. Cannot wait to order baby divas stickers with her first infant shoot! It has weekly and monthly planning options. I love filling out the following weekly schedule on Sunday nights and the monthly calendar feature so I can take a peek and plan ahead our weekends (with or without the triplets). Triplets! Pregnancy appointments and milestones! Need I say more? You must stay organized and plan with triplets and one on the way. Otherwise, divorce anyone? Totally kidding but it does help in the communication department.

I am a major list maker. However, my lists consisted of post-it notes all over the place, which I would lose or eventually throw away while cleaning out my purse or desk. Therefore, my favorite thing to do with it? CHECK off my to-do lists! I can make and reference all of my lists each week and month. Plus there is even a "goals" lists which mostly for me are more to-do list items for us when I run out of to-do spaces.  I cannot lose these lists as I did before thanks to its beautiful sturdy binder. Would I get things done if I didn't have this a planner? Most defiantly, BUT I love checking off my list while its all together and referencing back with my calendar in eye sight. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when my tasks are checked off. If I do not get something done I purposely drag it over to the following week each time (most always low priority items). My list does not consists of " buy boots, get a mani, massage,botox etc." Most of it is important family errands, bills, contractors, housework, family member chores, groceries, appointments, important telephone calls to be made etc. With little diva here, this list will only double! If the Mr. ever asks what do you do all day?  I'll pop this baby out and maybe just because he asked, show him that pretend fun list first. Seriously, completing and having to-do list justify staying home for me a little bit. Would I still make lists if I were working? Heck yes, but now they are organized and I want to see my important duties for me while not working.

So what I'm saying is you have to get this Life Planner or your marriage will totally end in divorce. No, totally kidding but it helps in the communication department.


  1. Love mine...I don't know how I survived without it!

  2. LOVE mine!! Can't wait to order for next year...I just can't decide which cover to go with!! LOL