Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend recap

This weekend was too short! We spent time with the girls on Friday, renting Wreck it Ralph (wasn't my fav), playing some motion wii games and just loving on each other. We also learned baby diva is a screamer! She cracks the girls up screaming. No not crying, just screaming. I think its cute for a good ol five minutes!

Saturday we had a friends birthday to go to at the new Horseshoe casino. It was VERY crowded because it is still new, we were surprised considering the "recession" we are in and all of the tables ($25 min and up) had waits. I wasn't too impressed besides of all the dining options they have. Especially Margaritaville, I am excited about that. Husband and I are supposed to meet there for day drink lunch this week, doubt we will be having too many margaritas though. 

Sunday we went to the club to work out and swim with the kids. Love that place!

Oh and today and yesterday? Snow. Why? Why oh why is it still snowing?! I remember it being hot last year at this time 80s! Mother nature someone must have pissed you off but I promise if you give us warm sunshine people will be a lot happier!

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  1. The weather is ridiculous! I'm ready for Spring to show up!