Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun things to do with GIRLS

So since we have FOUR little girls, I've begun to research all kinds of fun things to do with them preparing for the summer. There are SO many creative fun activities to do with your little girls. I think this will be a regular post of mine so I can reference back and maybe give other bloggers some ideas.

Since we have 8 year olds and an infant, the activities will differ. First up.....DUCT TAPE. Duct tape? My mom told me she was going to get the triplets duct tape for Easter, I did a double take and said " wha , whattt?! " She told me apparently it is all the rage right now. So of course we go over to youtube and watch this ADORABLE little girl display all the things she has done with duct tape. Wallets, bows, rings, stickers and more. Pretty neat. The girls and I will be making something soon, will be sure to document it but for now check out this video!

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