Thursday, March 7, 2013

Katelyn 4 months

Whoa slowww down girl! The clock is just flying by. I am loving every. moment. with you. You are so close to rolling over I am sure it'll be in a matter of days. We are still breast feeding and you are eating oatmeal like a champ, you like to feed yourself as grandma said your momma did ;). Cooing, gooing, screaming and blowing raspberries are your thing. You have your daddy wrapped around your finger (tight). He puts you to bed every night and you've started to sing him sweet songs before bed. Your sisters just love you and you make them laugh more than they make you laugh! They took you on your first wagon ride on a snow day (preview of whats to come this summer) You discovered lilly (dog) and sasha (cat), I think you are going to be a tail puller. We love you Katelyn !


  1. I love the bow, its awesome!! She is just precious :)

  2. your baby is adorable!!
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