Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Instangram dump and great and not so great weekend

Our weekend was planned out so great, family fun activities all weekend. Now that it is the new year and we are still in dead of winter, holidays over, we've become a little lazy. I am sure it has a little something to do with a new baby schedule/not wanting to take her out during flu season but enough couch potatoes already!

Anyhoo, I got the idea to check out our local Sports/Country club so that we could workout and the kids could play in the activity zone & swim as a family. We  scheduled to go to the club on Saturday and on Sunday we had planned to go tubing at the ski slopes. My mom who lives close to the slopes volunteered to watch Bubbles (that is her nickname BTW, dh forgetting her name because she is called Bubbles so much is another story). We ended up getting the membership and used it on Sunday because it rained and ruined our tubing plans, we loved it! The Mr. and I worked out for 1.5 hrs and the girls had a blast in the activity center which has obstacles and bounce houses. They were red faced when we got them to go swim in the aquatic center, which made us happy because they got much needed exercise. They have so many activities we hope to utilize this year. 

When we were all getting ready for the club I realized my diamond earring was gone. Panic. I have lost 3 in 6 years, 3! How the hell they fall out so easily on me, I have no clue. Why the hell my loving husband keeps buying more, I have no clue. These were my Christmas present, my favorite, expensive...ugh! We searched and search and only found the back in the bathroom. I had to have lost it during getting ready, going to have a plumber snake it tomorrow but I have a bad feeling. I have the worst diamond luck!  To top it off the baby has her first cold. I've tried to be careful about taking her out and hand washing but it wasn't enough. I knew it would happen just breaks my heart to see her sick and upset. She has been super clingy and fighting sleep a lot because of it. Poor girl, Although she seems to being a tad better from the weekend. Heres to a better week!



  1. So sorry sweet baby has a cold :( Hopefully Shelby stays healthy.

  2. Glad you found it & Bubbles is better!