Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chaaachaaaa changes

I've been so horrible at blogging, honestly every moment my baby is up I'm with her and when she naps I am knocking out my to do list. Or we have a grandparent watching her so we can go out for a bit. Also, having triplets and a new baby involves a lot of time management skills who would have thought? I wanted to remember things that have changed for me since becoming a mom. So why not blog about it? 

Somethings I learned/changed since becoming a biological mom (in no particular order) . 

Going to the grocery store alone is a treat!

Baby going to bed early so you and hubby can get a little "couple time " is always appreciated.

I am more in love with my husband than I have ever been. The way he holds and smiles at our daughter, the look of unconditional love in his eyes, gets me every time.

My makeup applications are a lot more messier.

I feel 100x sexier fitting into my pre pregnancy jeans, just because I birthed a human and can button those bad boys.

My daughter owns my boobs.

Baby addicts do exist and you find out whom after you have one ;). 

Getting all the laundry done and put up in one day is a major accomplishment.

Thinking about leaving her with a stranger (non family member babysitter) gives me anxiety.

I apprechiate the time my husband and I have kid free a million times more. 

I sometimes have to have a beer or glass of wine by 4 pm.

The absolute best thing in life...BEST..... are the huge baby smiles. 

I get excited over her number 2 diapers (this will change but since they are only every other day).

You learn more about your other children (step or not) when you have a baby, the one you may have thought isn't as kind hearted as the others? Actually is most of all. 

This is the best new chapter, everything else in life was just a preview....


  1. LOVE this! My favorite is that everything else in life was just a preview! :)

  2. Cassie I love this! All so true and totally relevant
    "Everything else in life was just a preview" ❤❤❤

  3. So so cute! I'm glad you are enjoying the little things:)

  4. Enjoy every page! This chapter goes quick!