Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Horrible accident

Yesterday in my area there was a sudden pop up snow blizzard lasting only briefly, but made driving very hazardous. It caused havoc on two of the highways and over a 100 cars and semis wrecked. They said in an instant it was pure white and visibility was 0, so even the most experienced driver would have lost control.

In one of the pile ups my cousin, Aaron, witnessed it all. Fortunately he was able to pull his car to the side and was unharmed, but a little girl he saw was not. Aaron and an off duty firefighter tried to give her cpr until help arrived but unfortunately it was too late. They are heroes for being a good Samaritans and risking themselves (other cars sliding) to save another, good to know that little girl passed with other humans fighting for her.

Rest in Peace Sammy, sweet angel 

I was driving on the same highway but on the east side of town, this occurred on the west. It could have easily happened to me and I just keep thinking about that and having my baby in the car. This poor little girls family is devastated I am sure beyond words. My family is praying for her and everyone else who was in the wrecks, God bless. Life is so fragile. 

My cousins interview 

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