Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week One - Three


Mommy cannot believe you are already three weeks old & next week a month what ?! You look like your DADDY girlfriend! You are getting your mommy's lips though ;) .

You had your first Dr appointment and are gaining weight like a champ. You are a great nurser and also take the bottle good. You even tried to hold it up yourself at 7 days old! I guess you are strong willed like mommy.

 We cannot get enough of you and no one wants to ever put you down. I don't think you are hardly ever not held. You make the cutest little faces and mommy and daddy have already taken thousands of pictures of your sweet face! I love dressing you up in all of your pretty cloths and your sisters constantly take turns holding you. You have thousands of nicknames already. I LOVE your hair! After baths it gets spiky and its so adorable!! You also smile and crack up all the time even if it is infant noises it is a crack up! Mommy has to get it on film! We just love you Katie boo !